SCOMA Semantic Web portal (2005)

The activities of this cooperation with the SCOMA project focused on adding explicit semantics to the target mathematical resources, which were integrated to the SCOMA knowledge portal. The Alpha-version of the engine was implemented and have shown the feasibility of the real portal implementation including sofisticated search features. Semantics were added in a form of metadata represented according to the standards of W3C’s Semantic Activity. SCOMA (Center for Scientific Computing and Optimization in Multidisciplinary Applications) will be a gateway between multi-disciplinary technologies and the future knowledge society in intertwining mathematical information technologies, with human behavioral and societal research groups at the university, and through partnerships with small and large industries. SCOMA Web page on the University's web site

SCOMA Seminar page (Jyväskylä, Finland, October 3-5, 2005)

SCOMA SW Portal Status Report (Jyväskylä, Finland, April 25, 2006)