UBIWARE project (2007 - 2010)
Smart Semantic Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing

This project brings the Semantic Web, Distributed AI and Human-Centric Computing to the Ubiquitous Computing domain. It aims at a new generation middleware platform (UBIWARE) which will allow creation of self-managed complex industrial systems consisting of mobile, distributed, heterogeneous, shared and reusable components of different nature, e.g. smart machines and devices, sensors, actuators, RFIDs, web-services, software, humans, etc. The middleware will enable various components to automatically discover each other and to configure a system with complex functionality based on the atomic functionalities of the components.

The UBIWARE project is launched in May 2007 and primarily funded by Tekes and partially funded by businesses. The executive group consists of six researchers and developers and two trainees lead by Prof. Vagan Terziyan.

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