Semantic Facilitators for Web Information Retrieval (2004)
InBCT Tekes Project Chapter 3.1.3: "Industrial Ontologies and Semantic Web"

Semantic Search Assistant (Facilitator) uses ontologically (WordNet) defined knowledge about words and embedded support of advanced Google-search query features in order to construct more efficient queries from formal textual description of searched information. Semantic Search Assistant hides from users the complexity of query language of concrete search engine and performs routine actions that most of users do in order to achieve better performance and get more relevant results.

The project was primarily funded by Tekes and partially funded by businesses and the Jyväskylä Science Park. The project was launched in January 2004, and its core idea was elaborated by 3 researchers from the Industrial Ontologies Group lead by Prof. Vagan Terziyan.

Later, the core idea was implemented with help of two trainees (until May 2004) and further advanced by two trainee-developers.

General presentation about the SemanticFacilitator project,

Technical Report of the SemanticFacilitator project,

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