Cloud Software Program in Tivit SHOK (2010 - 2011)

“By 2015 the Finnish software industry will substantially increase the value of its software assets due to its world-class capability and know-how to efficiently and competitively develop, deliver and use software competencies with a focus on defining, building and utilizing software assets and new ecosystems that have the largest sustainable value add for the global business.” (link to the program)

Relevant tasks for the Industrial Ontologies Group are:

  • Data integration in mixed data environments;

  • Management of devices;

  • Heterogeneous clouds (interoperability);

  • Sparse meta-data (Ontologies);

  • Semantic logging and monitoring;

  • ...

Past activities in the Cloud Software Program:

  • Soprano RDF framework and compatibility with the Ubiware Platform;

  • Java TCP client to the Soprano server (open source);

  • Soprano RDF-to-S-APL converter (bidirectional);

  • RDF schema analysis and reasoning;

  • Scenario for social data integration (semantic integration of social data sources like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Current activities in the Cloud Software Program:

  • Porting of agent platform (Ubiware) to mobile platform (Meego );

  • Transmission of cloud data to mobile storage;

  • Social data visualization in integrated views suitable for mobile device.