University of Jyväskylä
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June 18, 1999







Project plan v1.0.1 (Extended abstract)







Jari Veijalainen

Jouni Markkula

Henry Tirri

Vesa-Matti Paananen

+The steering committee of the project

The project acronym (Multimeetmobile) is composed of the following words: Multimedia, electronic commerce, and transactional services for mobile Computing. Project is financed mainly by the Technology Development Center of Finland (Tekes). The main goals of the project is to develop transactional mechanisms and prototypes that support billing in mobile computing environments, on one hand. On the other hand, the project will develop and analyse algorithms, methods and prototypical systems and simulators for location-related applications  in the above environment. The target environment is primarily the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) environment.

2 Goals and expected results


A Transactional mechanisms for mobile billing

The project will, firstly, tackle billing problems and especially on their transactional aspects in mobile electronic commerce environments. What are the organizational structures that are of relevance in billing? Who collects the money? How is it distributed to those who want it? Who guarantees that the customer gets what she wants and the providers (telecom operator, bank, content provider, etc.) get what they want? What kind of transactional structures are needed to guarantee that everything goes smoothly?



Deliverable A.1 Requirement analysis for billing transactions (report/scientific paper) Deadline 12/99


Deliverable A.2. Transaction model for mobile billing (report/scientific paper) Deadline  5/2000.


Deliverable A.3: Transactional mechanism for mobile billing and its implementation plan (technical report) DL: 2. year




Deliverable A.4 : A pilot implementation for the above transactional mechanism DL: 2. year


B Location-dependent applications and queries

Another problem area of interest is location dependent applications and queries. It is very natural to ask  questions like "Where am I now?", "Where is x now", "What is nearest y" in a mobile computing environment. The project will examine what is the current state of the technology and how can the above type of queries answered. What are the technical and content-related prerequisites for them?  Can e.g. maps be used in a reasonable way in a WAP environment to visualise the results.


To  answer the above queries on needs two kinds of information; the location information of the terminal and location information of the interesting objects x. The former can be provided basically by the network infrastructure or it can be based on GPS systems. Also hybrid solutions are possible.

The project will proceed as follows:


Deliverable B.1  Properties and application possibilities of mobile location data

                      (Report/scientific paper) DL: 11/99.



Deliverable B.2 Privacy, protection, copy rights and billing for  the mobile location data

(Report/scientific paper) DL: 2/2000.



Deliverable B.3 Technical design for a mobile pilot system applying location data  (Technical report) (DL 5/2000 )


Deliverable B.4 Pilot system designed in B.3

C Compression techniques for mobile multimedia data


In this part the project will concentrate especially on the compression of the geographic data needed by the location dependent applications. Another target are the WML and WMLScript languages themself, and possibly also other object-oriented components.


An important issue is how fast the servers can provide the multimedia data, especially geographic (location) data, to the terminal and how fast it can process it, including decompression.


Deliverable C.1: Overview on the possibilities to compress location-related data (Report/scientific paper) DL: 12/99


Deliverable C.2.1 Storing spatial data on a database-based WWW/WAP-server (like ORACLE 8i) (Report/scientific paper) DL: 9/99


Deliverable C.2.2 Memory management simulator for a WWW/WAP-server  (software package): DL 4/2000. 


Deliverable C.2.3 Simulation results  (Report/scientific paper) DL: 5/2000.



Deliverable C.3.1. A simulator for mobile terminal and overall system to study performance issues  (software package) DL: 2. year


Deliverable C.3.2.  Performance results from the above simulator (report/scientific article(s)) DL: 2. Year.



Deliverable C.4.1 Compression possibilities of WML and WML-Script-language and components coded with them. (Report/scientific paper) DL 9/99.


Deliverable C.4.2 Compression algorithms for WML and WMLScript (the peformance of the work depends on the results in C.4.1) (Report/scientific paper) DL: 2nd year




D. Architecture and object-oriented technologies in mobile computing environements


In this part we investigate object-oriented technologies and their application into WAP environment. Currently only one deliverable has been specified. The research will be intensified during the second year.



Deliverable D.1: Analysis of the overall  mobile computing environment (M.Sc. thesis). DL 9/1999.



3 Schedule

Not included in this version.


4 Project partners



Main funding

Tekes: (Erkki Hietanen)


Industry partners:

Yomi Media Oy: (Ari Kallinen)

Nokia Telecommunications Oy: (Petri Vesikivi, Senior Product Manager, WDSS)

HP Finland Oyj (Peter Vesterbacka)


Research establishments

Univ. of Jyvaskyla (Jari Veijalainen, Dept. of CS& IS, professor,project manager)

Univ. of Helsinki (Henry Tirri, professor, Dept. of CS)

Univ. of Ioannia (Evangelia Pitoura, Ph.D., lecturer, visiting scientist)








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