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The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems works within the Faculty of Information Technology and is closely connected to the economics. The study programme leads to the degree of Master of Economics or Master of Science.

Teaching and research in the department concentrates on Information Systems, Software Production, Electronic Commerce, Digital Media, and Group Technologies, the five distinctive study lines offered. The students specialising in Information Systems will become familiar with the designing, implementing, maintenance, and management of information systems. Those specialising in Software Production will become familiar with the tasks and problems of all phases of the software life-cycle and the software business. If specializing in Electronic Commerce, students design, implement, and maintain electronic commerce systems and applications. Students can work as electronic commerce systems designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and teachers.

In the field of Digital Media students become experts in document management, electronic publishing, and the information management of networked organizations. The studies combine education in communication and computer science. Students learn how to design, implement, and maintain networked information systems and new media solutions. They can work as system designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and teachers.

In the field of Group Technologies students become experts in web-based systems that support interaction and cooperation of people and organizations and coordination of activities. They can work as designers of internets, intranets, and extranets, and manage projects for supporting group work in organizations.

The Department is also involved in a new multidisciplinary Multimedia study programme (Basic studies: 15 Finnish cr./22.5 ECTS cr., Subject studies 35 Finnish cr./52.5 ECTS cr.).
The research carried out in the Department focuses on information technology, especially on information systems design, distributed systems, applications of information technology, the influences of information systems and human-computer interaction, as well as the structure, presentation, content, and processing of information.

The Department has five laboratories: Information Systems Laboratory, Software Engineering Laboratory, Multimedia Laboratory, Digital Media Laboratory and Telematic Services Laboratory, primarily used by students and researchers.

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