Telemedicine Group

Department of Artificial Intelligence

Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics

Department of Artificial Intelligence has a long tradition in cooperation with medical experts as well as research experience in medical applications of AI and Telemedicine. Several research and development results on this subject have been obtained during that time.

The Telemedicine Group is a network of experts, which belong to or cooperate with Artificial Intelligence Department and have the same goals to work in Telemedicine-related projects. The experts can be divided to following subgroups: experts from Medical Experts Group, Data Mining Group, Mobile Computing Group, Industrial Ontologies Group. Many of the experts are key persons in local area and have quite big network of personal contacts.

The goal of the network is to pilot the large-scale healthcare projects based on utilization of modern ICT and telemedicine. One of such initiatives is "Family Doctor in Telemedicine" Project. The project is aimed to create a system, which will serve to control, treat and maintain the health of a client, which is considered as an integral part of his/her family and genetic ancestors' tree, based on modern technologies (mobile information, medical, cosmetological, dietological, sport, bioenergetical and other). The project is cooperating with the Department of Mathematical Information Technology, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The scientific head of the project is Prof. Vagan Terziyan, the project manager is Volodymyr Kushnaryov. Another project under preparation is “Smart Well-Being” aimed to create system of granting of the individual services providing improvement of quality of a life, on the basis of use of modern means of telecommunications, advanced information, diagnostic and biotechnologies. The project leader is Volodymyr Kushnaryov.