Press Conferences and Press Releases
At the opening of Info-Hub (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 22 December, 2000) the Round Table of the representatives of the Tacis/Tempus projects of Eastern Ukraine was organised. Information about our project was published in Dnepropetrovsk region newspapers and was shown on the central TV channel.

The Round Table (Kharkov, Ukraine, 23 February 2001) of the representatives of Tacis/Tempus projects in Kharkov region was followed by press responses. Information about our project was published in 3 local newspapers and was shown by 2 local TV companies.

The press release for the International Workshop in KNURE (Kharkov, Ukraine, 8-9 October, 2001) on project dissemination results was composed and spread by the Kiev Office of TACIS Information and Communication Programme

Information about our projectís dissemination results was published in October Newsletter of Information and Communication Programme (Kiev Office) and disseminated through most of Ukrainian Universities.

The Press Conference (Kharkov, Ukraine, 8 October 2001) with representatives of local Mass Media was held. Kiev Office of TACIS Information and Communication Programme organised it. Team Leader of that programme Lope Guerrero held our conference himself. Journalists represented of 11 local newspapers and 3 local TV channels took part in that event. Local journalists took several individual interviews Vagan Terziyan (Ukrainian Co-ordinator) and Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou (Greek Team Leader) about results of Project and perspectives of development these results in the future.

The topics about holding of the conference was shown in the 3 telecasts by local TV and published in regional newspaper "Slobidskiy Kray". Results of our project were presented in Press review of information and Communication Programme and disseminated through many Ukrainian Universities.

Project implementation through the international M.Sc. students exchange program with the University of Jyvaskyla made a noticeable impact on that EU University. The press release for the first graduation of Ukrainian exchange students was spread. The successful ending of the first exchange program was followed by several responses in the Finnish mass media.