National Dissemination Activities

Main dissemination activities for national dissemination were as follows:

Opening of Info-Hub (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, December 22, 2000) - East-Ukrainian Centre for dissemination of information about Tacis/Tempus projects, activities and the role of Tacis in Ukraine, establishing of contacts between them. The Round Table of the representatives of the Tacis project of Eastern Ukraine and Victoriya Davydova (press attaché of Ukrainian Delegation of European Union) and representatives of City Administration. Most of East Ukrainian Tacis/Tempus projects were presented. Representatives of Kharkov Academy of Municipal services, Mariupol Vodocanal, Dnepropetrovsk National University imparted their experience and future plans. Ukrainian and regional mass media was invited to take part in press conference where was given talk about main points and purposes of project work and possibilities of the new project in the future. The following persons were present:

The Round Table (Kharkov, Ukraine, February 23, 2001). The meeting of the leaders of Kharkov City Administration, journalists and representatives of Tacis/Tempus projects in Kharkov region in the City Administration Building. The full information about the necessity of our project, project essence and tasks was presented during the meeting. Information about project was published in 3 local newspapers and was shown by 2 local TV companies. It promoted the spread of information about our university and innovations implemented in our university as the results of our project.

The following persons were present:

Our project kept constant relations with Info Hub, which disseminated information about TACIS projects through Eastern region of Ukraine. Results of our project get interested our Ukrainian colleagues a lot (Dnepropetrovsk National University, Lviv Forest Technical University, Kharkov Building University, Kharkov National Road Technical University, Ukrainian Engineers-pedagogical Academy, Mykolaiv Branch of Kiev-Mogylanska Academy and many others). The most close and useful contacts have been made with Dnepropetrovsk National University, UNESCO Department of Kharkov National Road Technical University and Mykolaiv Branch of Kiev-Mogylanska Academy.