General Information
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Department of Artificial Intelligence
Research and Educational Scientific Laboratory MetaIntelligence



Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics


Department of Artificial Intelligence

KNURE, 14 Lenin Avenue, 61166 Kharkov, UKRAINE


+380 577 020 214, +358 14 260 4980 (in Finland)


+380 577 020 214


Head of Department, 

Scientific Head of the Laboratory:

Prof. Terziyan Vagan

The Department has long and fruitful cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology of University of Jyvaskyla, Finland (

Main Goal of the Laboratory: Participating development of Information Society Program of the Ukraine through research, educational activities and international co-operation.

1. Main Research Topics

  1. Knowledge Management, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Web Services;
  2. Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents;
  3. Expert Systems with Multiple Experts;
  4. Knowledge and Metaknowledge Engineering, Context in Artificial Intelligence;
  5. Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence;
  6. Medical Informatics and Telemedicine;
  7. Mobile Electronic Commerce.


2. Educational Activities

  1. Managing the specialty: “Intelligent Decision Support Systems”;
  2. Participating in Tempus/Tacis Projects;
  3. Managing exchange programs;
  4. Developing curricula of the European Standard for the new specialty;
  5. Teaching within the research areas;
  6. Creating courses for distance (virtual) learning;
  7. Supervising M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

3. People

The laboratory team members have made their visiting research and projects' activities in Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Greece for several times. They received grants from the Academies of Sciences and Ministries of Education of those countries, TEMPUS EU grants. They have published more then 50 international papers and participated international conferences in Finland, Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, USA, Brazil, Greece, Israel, Slovenia, Russia and others. Laboratory staff is completed from mostly young persons - prize-winners of the Scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other international foundations.

4. Main Partners in International Co-operation

  1. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, Faculty of Information Technologies (Prof. Timo Tiihonen, Prof. Kalle Lyytinen, Prof. Jari Veijalainen, Prof. Pekka Neittaanmaki);
  2. Metso Automation, Finland (Dr. Jouni Pyotsia);
  3. Athen's University of Economics and Business (Ms. Anastasia Papazafeiropolou, Department of Decision Support Systems);
  4. Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Prof. Jan Treur, Prof. Catholijn Jonker, Prof. Hrank van Harmelen, Department of Artificial Intelligence);
  5. University of Houston (Prof. Ioannis Kakadiaris, Prof. Yuri Kuznetsov).