SmartResource project (2004 - 2006)

Project wider objective

To combine the emerging Semantic Web, Web Services, Peer-to-Peer, Machine Learning and Agent technologies for the development of a global and smart maintenance management environment, to provide Web-based support for the predictive maintenance of industrial devices by utilizing heterogeneous and interoperable Web resources, services and human experts.

Main research objective

To provide tools and solutions making heterogeneous industrial resources (files, documents, services, devices, processes, systems, human experts, etc.) web-accessible, proactive and cooperative in a sense that they will be able to analyze their state independently from other systems or to order such analysis from remote experts or Web-services to be aware of own condition and to plan behavior towards effective and predictive maintenance.

Stages of the project research & development

The development of the project's underlying system is divided into yearly stages, which are outlined below. Each year of the project is based on previous results and delivers more enhanced version of architectural design for the maintenance environment.
Year 1.  Adaptation Stage (2004)  
The objective of this project stage is to define Semantic Web-based framework for unification of maintenance data and interoperability in maintenance system. Its research and development tasks include development of generic semantic adapter mechanism (General Adaptation Framework) and supporting ontology (Resource State/Condition Description Framework) for different types of industrial resources: devices, software components (services) and humans (operators or experts).
Year 2.  Proactivity Stage (2005)  
The objective of this project stage is the architectural design of agent-based resource management framework and enabling meaningful resource interaction. Its research and development tasks include adding software agents (Maintenance Agents) to the industrial resources, enabling their proactive behavior. For this purpose, Resource Goal/Behavior Description Framework has to be designed, which will be the basis for making resource's individual behavioral model. The model is assumed to be processed and executed by the RGBDF engine used by the Maintenance Agents.
Year 3.  Networking Stage (2006)  
The objective of this project stage comprises complex behavior/interaction of Smart Resources (Device, Expert and Service) in the global networked environment. Its research and development tasks relate to the development of Peer-to-Peer inter-agent communicating system, which will allow discovery of necessary network components (industrial) using their profiles, and interaction scenarios "one service - many devices", "one device - many services".
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